What does ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty' mean?

It’s limited by three factors:

1) Reasonable expected lifetime of the product - in our case 10 years for all boards and brackets.

2) The time that you as a purchaser own the product. The warranty is not transferable, and you must register on our website for the ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’ to be in effect.

3) The lifetime of the company – Vegherb LLC (dba Frame It All)

What is covered?

Any defect in materials that would cause the product to be unusable or unsightly and any breakage incurred during ‘normal use’. Normal use would include use of ‘weed wacker’ tools and reasonable garden tools and activity.

What isn’t covered? Overly aggressive banging or contact with garden power tools (for instance, driving a mower directly into or over boards or brackets). Unreasonably expected events like dropping a cinder block or sledge hammer onto the product. Though most weather events will not harm the products, being struck by lightning would not be covered.

Who is covered?

The original purchaser of the product who registers on-line for the ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’

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