Uptown Brown Raised Garden Bed with Snap-Lock Brackets 8’ x 8’ 11” – 1” profile

  • Item # 300001430
  • 64 square foot planting area
  • Patented tool-free snap-lock system
  • Food-grade safe
  • 5 Years / Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Product Description

No tools required! This enormous raised garden bed gives you loads space to neatly organize a variety of vegetables, herb, fruits or flowers. As pictured, your 11-inch-high raised garden gives you lots of depth to grow both underground veggies like carrots, as well as tall plants like tomatoes. With 64 square feet of available planting area this may be all the garden you will ever need, but if you’d like to super-size your garden this kit can be converted into a 16’ x 16’ one-level 5.5” high raised bed. That’s 128 square feet!

Your kit comes with everything you need except the soil and plants. Each modular kit includes sixteen of our 1” Uptown Brown composite boards, and sixteen of our 1” tool-free snap-lock brackets. The insulating open-channel boards trap air, providing insulation to your soil. Keeps soil warmer in the Spring and Fall, and cooler in the Summer, so you can grow for an extended period. Composite boards are made of food-grade safe recycled plastic and wood fibers. Stacking brackets allow you to install the second layer of your garden just by inserting the stakes into the brackets below.

Our patented snap-lock brackets simply slide onto each end of a board and fasten securely with one snap-lock button. Raised Garden Bed Brackets pivot 270 degrees, allowing endless design options. You can easily convert your bed to an octagon, just by changing the angle of the brackets.

As your garden needs and expertise grow you can add on to your modular raised bed any time by purchasing additional 1” kits, boards and 1” snap-lock stacking brackets to stack or extend your garden. Curved 1” boards are also available to incorporate into your design.

Did you know? You can grow up to 64 different plants inside your 8’ x 8’ garden using “Square Foot Gardening” techniques. There are countless books and online resources available to guide you in this rewarding method of gardening.

The Frame It All system of modular raised garden beds, borders, sandboxes and accessories was designed by our founder, Anthony Topping. As a professional landscape designer who spent many years creating high-end gardens in the Tri-State New York area, he felt there had to be a way to give homeowners the ability to easily create quality landscaping features and gardens for much less than paying a professional.

Here’s a note from Anthony on why he designed this product:

“I find it quite amusing when I see some competitor garden systems that only allow you to grow a few small plants…maybe enough for a salad or two! Plants need space to grow and develop strong root systems, not constricted in a small pocket of soil! Our enormous 8’ x 8’ double-stacked raised garden bed provides a whopping 64 square feet of growing area. Plant enough food to share with the neighbors or local food pantry!” – Anthony


  • No tools required
  • Easy to install
  • Uptown Brown composite boards feature a subtle brushed finish that adds warmth and texture to any environment
  • Composite Boards are made from 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers
  • Boards can be cut with a hand or power saw to create different designs or fit particular dimensions
  • Unlike Cedar, won’t rot, warp or fade
  • Create your own unique designs with 270-degree pivoting brackets

Kit Includes:

  • 16 – 1” Uptown Brown Straight Composite Raised Garden Bed Boards
  •  4  –  Packs of 1” Snap-Lock Stacking Brackets (Black) = 16 Brackets, 8 Stacking Stakes, Finishing Caps, Assembly Screws
  •  4  –  Packs of 1” Snap-Lock Anchor Brackets (Black) = 16 Brackets, 8 Anchor/Ground Stakes, Finishing Caps, Locking Nubs

Watch Frame It All Products Video

Watch Frame It All Products Video

Watch Frame It All Products Video

Watch Frame It All Products Video

Product Features

Patented Snap-Lock Bracket (Black)


Composite Boards are made from 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers

Uptown Brown composite wood board

Technical Specification

Material: Boards: Composite Wood, Brackets: ABS Plastic
Warranty: 5 Years / Limited Lifetime Warranty
SKU: #300001430
8'L x 8'W x 11"H

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