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4ft.x4ft.x4ft. Stainless Steel Veggie Wall Kit

4ft.x4ft.x4ft. Stainless Steel Veggie Wall Kit


Frame It All – Simple Modular Gardens.  The Gardens That Grow With You.

The Frame It All 4ft.x4ft.x4ft. Veggie Wall raises your gardening to new heights. Vertical gardening allows you to grow more in a small space and creates healthier growing conditions for vining plants. This two-piece system adds an additional 48 square feet of vertical planting to your Frame It All Raised Garden Bed.
  • Durable stainless-steel and nylon construction.
  • Elevated design allows easier plant care with less bending.
  • Increases airflow to reduce the chance of disease and increases access to sunlight for faster growth.
  • Connects to anchor or stacking joints in Frame It All raised garden beds. For other applications, stake directly into the ground.
Garden Not Included.
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