Backyard Butterfly Learning Center - 8ft. X 7ft. Hexagon (1 Inch Profile)

  • Item #30001505
  • 41.5 sq. ft. planting area
  • Easy 25-minute set-up; indoor, outdoor
  • Greenhouse Roof/Monarch Sides included
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Product Description

Journey into your own butterfly house with the Monarch Migration Station Backyard Butterfly Learning Center. An 8 ft. by 7 ft. raised garden bed large enough to pull in a chair and relax within. Begin your garden early by planting the provided seed-mat and placing your Greenhouse roof down as a cold frame. Once your garden is grown, ‘raise the roof’ and install the whimsically colorful sidewalls to create a sanctuary for visiting monarchs and other butterflies. The Greenhouse Roof’s windows can be opened or closed to allow for incoming or outgoing travelers. Learn more about the life-cycle and migration cycle of this beautiful species with the whole family!


  • Large design makes it perfect to use as a personal get away or an immersive learning experience.
  • Peek-a-boo windows allow you to check in on your butterflies without disturbing their environment
  • Greenhouse roof doubles as a cold frame for early and late season plant protection.
  • Seed mat includes milkweed (the only plant monarch’s will lay eggs on) as well as other pollinator plants.
  • Frame It All’s patented stacking joint allows for installation on hard surfaces (such as rooftops, patios, or decks) and soft surface landscapes.

Kit Includes:

  • 8x7 Raised Garden: 1 inch profile
  • Greenhouse roof with Monarch sidewalls
  • Monarch Butterfly attracting seed mix — including milkweed and nectar plants

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Watch Frame It All Products Video

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Watch Frame It All Products Video

Watch Frame It All Products Video

Watch Frame It All Products Video

Product Features





Technical Specification

Material: Boards: Composite Wood, Joints: ABS Plastic, Greenhouse Roof: UV-Resistant PVC, Monarch Sides: 100% Nylon with Monarch design print, CA117 Fire Resistant, Monarch Side Door: 100% Polyester netting, CA117 Fire Resistant
Warranty: Raised Bed: 5 years. Greenhouse Roof/Monarch Sides: 3 years.
SKU: #300001505

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