Patio Ideas - 15" x 15" x 58" Self-Watering Plant Tower Planter

  • Item # 300001603
  • Self-watering - 2.11 gallon reservoir
  • Integrated trellis support frame
  • Food-grade safe
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Product Description

If you only have space for a few choice veggie plants you'll want to maximize your yield and ensure that your plants not only survive, but thrive. Our Plant Tower planter features a self-watering reservoir and adjustable plant trellis to protect and support your plants all season long.

Enjoy the benefits of gardening and healthy, fresh produce with less effort. Self-watering reservoir irrigates planter for several days. Trellis frame provides strong support for heavy plants -  eliminating the need for constant staking and tying. Having a strong plant support prevents 'snapping off' of heavy vines - increasing yield.

Plant support trellis is adjustable to 4 heights. Simply add additional risers and rings as your plant grows.

This compact unit provides enough room for one large tomato plant with a few low-growing herbs or lettuces tucked in around its feet.  Works great for flowers too! The trellis provides support for vining flowers like sweet peas, or top-heavy flowers such as dahlias.

Made from durable fade-proof, food-grade safe polypropylene. Can also be used year-round in an enclosed sunroom.


  • 2.11 gallon water storage
  • .7 cubic feet soil capacity
  • Integrated plant support
  • Trellis is adjustable to four different heights
  • Perfect for porches, patios, balconies or decks

Kit Includes:

  • Self-Watering Planter
  • Adjustable plant support frame

Product Features

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Technical Specification

Material: Planter: Polypropylene, Cover: Polyethylene
Warranty: 1 Year
SKU: #300001603
15" x 15" x 58"

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