Telescoping Hexagon Sandbox Canopy & Cover

  • Item #300001362
  • Water-proof polyester fabric
  • Fade-resistant
  • Easy to assemble
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Product Description

The Can-it-be™ Telescoping Hexagon Sandbox Canopy easily transitions to an attractive cover with the flip of a few levers. When used as a canopy it provides cooling shade and protects your child’s exposed skin from harmful UV rays. When used as a cover it protects the sandbox from rain and debris, or from being used as a litter box by neighborhood cats or other animals. The domed construction prevents water pooling which can help prevent a mosquito breeding ground. The 7ft. x 8ft. hexagon canopy & cover integrates with any 7ft. x 8ft. hexagon Frame It All sandbox. The telescoping poles insert into the stacking joints at each corner of the sandbox. Canopy is fully collapsible for easy storage if required. Sandbox not included


  • Canopy converts to a cover
  • UV Ray resistant polyester fabric cover will protect your children from the suns harmful rays

Kit Includes

  • 1 - Telescoping Hexagonal Sandbox Canopy/Cover

Watch an installation video

Watch an installation video

Watch an installation video

Watch an installation video

Watch an installation video

Product Features

Canopy converts to cover

Protect your child from harmful UV rays

Protects against animal and insect borne diseases.

Durable, water-proof polyester fabric

Technical Specification

Material: Cover: Water proof polyester
Warranty: 1 year
SKU: #300001362

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