DIY Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets - use your own 2" lumber

  • Item # 300001032
  • 5 Years / Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Stackable to create raised beds of any height
  • Create unique shapes with 270-degree pivoting bracket
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Product Description

Take your raised bed garden design to the next level. Stacking Brackets are used to stack additional layers or levels on your raised garden bed design. Our award-winning design makes it simple to create a raised garden as deep as you need and to create dramatic multi-level gardens that are as useful as they are beautiful. The stacking stake simply inserts into the level below. No extra tools required to join levels. You may also use stacking stakes as a base layer to your raised bed garden if your design is small, or you don’t have a concern about frost pushout (or mowers) shifting your garden over time.

Our Raised Garden Bed Anchor and Stacking Brackets pivot 270 degrees, allowing endless design options. Create unique designs like triangles, hexagons, or traditional right-angle designs.

Did you know? You can also install your raised garden bed on hard surfaces like patios, rooftops and decks. For hard surface installs, simply use a hacksaw to remove the barbed stake section below the bracket. You may want to line the bottom of your raised bed with landscape fabric to make it easy to clean up later and to help prevent staining and dirt loss in these types of installs.

Each 2-pack represents two complete corners or connections. For a 4’ x 4’ raised garden bed you will need two 2-packs.

The Frame It All system of modular raised garden beds, borders, sandboxes and accessories was designed by our founder, Anthony Topping. As a professional landscape designer who spent many years creating high-end gardens in the Tri-State New York area, he felt there had to be a way to give homeowners the ability to easily create quality landscaping features and gardens for much less than paying a professional.

Here’s a note from Anthony on why he designed this product:

“Our 2-inch Stacking Bracket was first introduced in 1999, winning several ‘best new product’ awards. Since then we have sold millions of stacking brackets, enabling people like you to build not only raised garden beds, but landscape borders, sandboxes… even frames for landscaping features like waterfalls and ponds.” - Anthony


  • 2” Stacking Bracket can be used with 2” Frame It All 5.5” high composite raised bed board (NO HOLES), or 2” dimensional lumber
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • UV and temperature resistant
  • Attaches to board easily with a screwdriver (hand or power)


  • 2 – 2” Stacking Stakes
  • 4 – 2” Stacking Brackets
  • 2 – 2” Finishing Caps


Watch an installation video

Watch an installation video

Watch an installation video

Product Features

Pivot to any angle

Stack to any level

Cut stakes to install on hard surfaces

How the joints work

Technical Specification

Material: ABS Plastic
Warranty: 5 years / Limited Lifetime Warranty
SKU: #300001032

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