Transformation and Change

Transformation and Change

This year at Frame It All we have focused in on Transformation. We have seen the seasons change, we have given gardening advice, and offered up environmental and sustainability information. We even had a Sweepstakes this year in which the Grand Prize winner won $2016 worth of Frame It All products! Yeah, that was awesome! So as the year winds down we would love to reflect on and hear about the big changes, the small changes and any kind of Transformation that you had in your lives.

US Planting and Growing Zones US Planting and Growing Zones


Of course we are very interested in the changes that you may have made in your yard or garden. We would love to hear your stories and see your photos of how your small piece of the world transformed. Did you:

  • add a few new raised beds?
  • add a playground area with a fabulous Frame It All border to keep the sand or wood chips inside and the grass outside the playground?
  • add a fruit tree or a new lettuce to your growing season?
  • add a greenhouse to your already existing raised bed?
  • try kale for the first time this year?
Tall Raised Bed

Big changes or small changes are still changes in your garden/yard.


Another area that we would love to hear about from you would be your impact on the earth.

  • Have you reduced your carbon footprint?
  • Are you using reusable bags at the grocery store when you weren't last year?
  • Have you wandered into the sustainability area by even just a little bit?
  • Are you growing your own food that you didn't actually expect to do?
  • Did you volunteer to give back to your community?
  • Maybe help clean up a beach or a park near you this year?


What most people don't understand is that every little bit helps!  Every small and beautiful loving act toward our planet helps to Transform our earth into a healthier place to live.  Tell us your story and please share your pictures below!

Did you clean up at a beach this year? Did you clean up at a beach this year?

Quite possibly though, about right now, you might be thinking that "I didn't get to that one thing I really hoping to accomplish this year."  That one goal that eluded you this year and you just didn't keep your eye on the prize. Well, guess what!  It's November and you still have over one month left to achieve that goal.  Rededicate yourself for the next month or so and see how far you get on that journey to accomplishing that one outstanding transformation!  When you really put your mind to something it just might amaze you how beautifully you focus to accomplish what you really want.


Now, I know that you could live in a part of the country that would cause you to dream of next year and Springtime but that's okay!  If this is the case, you could begin your Transformation this month with:

  • ordering your new raised bed for installation now or when the ground is thawed out enough.
  • ordering those seeds you want to try next growing season
  • ordering that border you've been dreaming about.
  • ordering that sandbox for your kids or grandkids so it ready to go in the Spring!
  • planning out how you'd like to Transform your yard or garden and draw out your own sketches to follow next year.
Sandbox and child

We here at Frame It All have been focusing on something new and we will be Transforming soon as well. Big changes in the form of launching a new product line that will be heading your way in the New Year is on the horizon so look for that exciting news in your email by early February.


In the spirit of Transformation we would like to offer you, our dedicated and loyal customers, a special Thanksgiving Transformation code for 10% off of already slashed Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale prices to give you a head start on your Big Changes for 2017.  The code will only be available ON BLACK FRIDAY and ON CYBER MONDAY Make sure to plan your purchase well!


Staying with Transformation in 2016, what goes through a bigger Transformation in its short lifetime than a butterfly? What better code would there be to use than BUTTERFLY2016?! None that we could think of! Go ahead and apply the code BUTTERFLY2016 in your shopping cart during checkout and save a little bit more on your way to your own personal Transformation!

Seasonal Colors in the Garden Seasonal Colors in the Garden

Enjoy your family gatherings and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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