• November Notes:  Garden Gratitude

    November Notes: Garden Gratitude

    The seasons are ever changing, with time marching on. Daylight Savings ends, the clock falls back an hour on Sunday, November 6th. Evenings have been creepi...

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  • Child Health Day 2016

    Child Health Day 2016

    October has arrived and today, October 3rd, is Child Health Day!  If you aren't familiar with the history of this day, let me get you up to speed.  In 1...

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  • October Gardening Tips

    October Gardening Tips

    Although hot, and possibly even very hot days, may still creep in every now and again, October and Fall have definitely arrived.  Summer is over and there are many chores t...

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  • Coastal Clean Up Time!

    Coastal Clean Up Time!

    September 17th, 2016 was Coastal Clean Up Day officially kicking off the Coastweeks, from September 17th - October 9th.   Coastweeks is an annu...

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  • September Garden Savvy

    September Garden Savvy

    Summer might officially be over but you still have lots of time to get out into the yard.  Whether it's cooler temperatures or kids off to school, you have more ti...

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  • Fruitful Fall and Beyond?

    Fruitful Fall and Beyond?

    Your Autumn garden can be just as bountiful as your Summer garden was. How would you like to keep growing well into September or maybe even December? Depending ...

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