• The Monarchs are ready...Are You?

    By Rick Mikula (Feb. 2018)

    Well so far so good. There haven’t been any killer storms or drowning rains in the over wintering sites. In fact the weathe...

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  • Tag! You’re It.

    Tag! You’re It.

    By Rick Mikula (Jan. 2018)


    It seems odd that when talking about the early days of Monarch migration studies that we only need to go back ...

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  • Where did everybody go?

    Where did everybody go?

    By Rick Mikula (Dec. 2017)


    What happened? It seems that I was just munching on some turkey and commenting about the unusual number of lat...

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  • They Were Just Here A Minute Ago!

    They Were Just Here A Minute Ago!

    Rick Mikula joins us again with an update on the Monarchs and some great advice on how you can help them even when they aren't around.


    On August 22nd it s...

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  • Caring for Your Monarch Caterpillars

    Caring for Your Monarch Caterpillars

    With the reports that I have been receiving it seems the number of all butterflies sightings appear to be down this year.This seems especially true with monarchs. The weathe...

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  • Protecting Monarchs This Summer

    Protecting Monarchs This Summer

    Yippee, it’s the first day of Summer and I am so happy that it is finally here.  It really seemed as if it took forever to arrive.  Now for the downside.  Tomorrow the days...

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