January Gardening Tips by Region

January Gardening Tips by Region

With 2016 well underway now, Frame It All will be providing monthly gardening tips and suggestions for our wonderful customers, no matter what part of the country that you may live in. Yes, even tips that apply to the lucky ones that just might be under a few feet of snow in these winter months! We will be expanding our Resource page as well. We will be providing information, downloadable and printable recourses that will help you to become the best gardener in the neighborhood!

Let's get started with these tips for January because this weekend is a great time to get focused on gardening before the big game next weekend. We know what a lot of you will be focusing in on then!

Just in case you are new to gardening, lets cover one thing first, Zones. The country, and the world for that matter, is broken down into different Zones for growing and gardening. A "Zone" is basically an area of the country that has a certain climate, and knowing what zone you live in will help you determine heartiness of plants and the best growing season for plants/vegetables in your area. For instance, Zone 3 has a very different growing season than say Zone 9. To determine your zone please refer to this chart from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to see what Zone you are in, what your growing season is and what kinds of plants and vegetable grow best in your area.

Below are the tips for January. By the way, if you see a tip that is not suggested for your area, but it is reasonable for you to accomplish and you wish to do that, by all means, have a blast! Oh, and when you're done with the tips, and you'd like to share your accomplishments, please visit our social media pages and share a photo or two in our comments sections because we would love to see what you're doing!

For those of you who are in frigid temps or who may actually be under quite a bit of snow, maybe the Northeast and the Midwest, your tips are regarding preparedness. You might have been giving that shovel a real work out this winter and when you go to put it away next time, block out some time to take a good look at your gardening tools. Maybe a few at a time, depending on the quantity of tools you own. Right now is a great time to get a good handle on the tools that are in good shape, the ones that need some cleaning or possibly one that need to be discarded and replaced before the Spring thaw arrives and you need to be ready to go!

Also, right now is a great time to get a good inventory of the tools you have and ones that you might need to add to the family. Picking up one or two items here and there over the winter months is less of an impact on the wallet versus getting everything all at once in the Spring. Don't forget to keep bird feeders stocked for your feathered friends. Lastly, take a rake out into your garden and make sure to get heavy snow off of limbs of trees, bushes and plants to avoid any possible breaks or damage to them.

January Garden Tips for Midwest and Northeast

If you are in an area where you can see your yard and garden area but the temps are still not ideal for outside growing, you can map out your dreams for the garden this new growing season! Determine what you would like to add or change and what plants or vegetables you would like to put where. Change an area over to vegetables or expand your garden further into unused land. You can also inventory your seeds and determine ones that may need to be thrown away and replaced. Ordering seeds now will make sure that you are prepared when the time comes to start planting. Don't forget to maintain the winter guests that you may have brought inside last Fall by trimming back any "leggy" plant. Also, if you are planning on it, read the directions for any seeds that you will be starting soon. Determine the number of days needed and begin to sow the seeds indoors, under lamps, that you will be able to move outside soon. Also, keep that bird feeder stocked as well!

January Garden Tips for North West & Central regions

Warmer areas such as Zones 7 and 8, it's time for you to get back out into that garden you guys and gals! Weeding out the garden from last year if you didn't get to it is the order of the month. Getting rid of any leaves and debris that may have moved in over the last couple of months. Remember to put old leaves and plants back into the compost pile. Make sure to start the seeds you would like to add to your garden in the months to come. Also, when the transplants are in and available at the gardening centers of your local stores, grab some of those and get them into the ground. Time to add some mulch or compost to the garden as well, depending on what state the garden is in. Finally, as it is with the other areas of the country, keep those birds well stocked with birdseed too.

January Garden tips for Mountain West and Southwest

Now to the areas of the country that have warmer weather all year long, Zones 9 and 10. Right now is a great time to see where there is a need for improved drainage in your yard and garden. Working on that is important for healthy plants and veggies in your yard and garden. If you have any root vegetable still growing, now is the time to harvest. If you have the transplants available to you as well, get those babies in the ground. Depending on where you live, several seeds may be sowed directly into the garden. Make sure that you have finished pruning your fruit trees, vines and bushes. Warmer areas need to make sure that you are watering your plants, mulching where needed and spray your compost tea on your roses if you have them.

January Garden tips for West Coast and Southeast

Hope that you have all had a wonderful January! Spending just a little bit of time with your garden this weekend, either inside or outside, will help your growing season go a bit smoother. Happy Growing!

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