It's YOUR Garden!

It's YOUR Garden!

No matter how much advice you get from friends, family or books, your garden is YOUR garden! One thing that long time gardeners will tell you is that the best way to learn about gardening is to just get out in the dirt and get growing.


When you're new to gardening, you need to plan out a few things before you get started. If you didn't do it this year, you can always make new plans for next year.


For those of you who are eager to get growing now, but live in colder areas of the country, cooler weather crops like spinach and lettuces would be a great choice. New gardeners who live in warmer weather areas and have the luxury of growing for most of the year can put these plans and steps into action to get growing whenever you'd like!


Review things like:


1) Where did you place the raised bed in your yard?

2) Did the plants get enough sunlight or shade?

3) Did your plants receive enough water or too much water?

4) What did you and your family enjoy or dislike from the garden this year?

5) What types of flowers did you love and which one would you change out?

6) How much time did you invest in your gardening adventure? Would you adjust it for next year?

7) Learn more about the plants that you grew and any new ones you might want to switch to.

8) Learn about Organic gardening and all of the health advantages for you and your family, to see if you wish to make the switch for next year.



Then, before you know it, it will be time to growing again! Don't be shy. The first thing you'll need to do will be to change out the soil, if you're switching over to organic gardening. Then refer back to your notes about what seeds/plants go where and then get to the actual planting!



Always remember that each season is an adventure! Learn to have fun even in the face of frustration! Chances are that when gardening pushed you past the frustration point, and you considered giving up, a more seasoned gardener has already experienced the same challenge and has advice and encouragement for you to draw from for next season.


Consult with neighbors, family, friends, the local nursery and the internet for help and answers. They can help you apply what they've learned in many seasons to your garden next year. Even if that means that you have to choose a different plant next time. This doesn't signal a failure or a defeat. It just means that you chose a plant that needed different growing circumstances that you were not able to provide. More sunlight or more shade, for example.


Look at each situation you've experienced as successfully becoming more familiar with YOUR yard, YOUR raised bed garden. Always, always, always take notes and take pictures! Learn from each of your adventures about what worked and what wasn't successful in your garden.  You weren't alone when the corn didn't grow properly or the baby squash got eaten by unexpected guests in your garden.



Expand your expertise into more raised beds as you become more experienced and at ease with gardening. Share all of your adventures, both successes and challenges, with family, friends and us here at Frame It All! We love being a part of your gardening family too!


Happy Gardening in YOUR garden!


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