• "Bee" Proactive!

    "Bee" Proactive!


    Do you like to eat?


    Of course you do.


    Hi everyone!  Gardener Jeanine here and I'd love to talk about pollinators....

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  • Sharing Your Bounty This Holiday Season

    Sharing Your Bounty This Holiday Season

    Your garden shares so much with you when you invest time, energy and love all season long. Why not share your bounty this Holiday Season or anytime? You and your family eat fr...

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  • Transformation and Change

    Transformation and Change

    This year at Frame It All we have focused in on Transformation. We have seen the seasons change, we have given gardening advice, and offered up environmental and sus...

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  • November Notes:  Garden Gratitude

    November Notes: Garden Gratitude

    The seasons are ever changing, with time marching on. Daylight Savings ends, the clock falls back an hour on Sunday, November 6th. Evenings have been creepi...

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  • Child Health Day 2016

    Child Health Day 2016

    October has arrived and today, October 3rd, is Child Health Day!  If you aren't familiar with the history of this day, let me get you up to speed.  In 1...

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  • Honoring A Loved One In Your Garden

    Honoring A Loved One In Your Garden

    Whether it is a loved one or a beloved pet, adjusting to the loss of either can take time. One great way to honor that loved one and to keep their memories alive is with a Memor...

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