February Gardening Tips by Region

February Gardening Tips by Region

New Month, new tips for everyone! We cover zones 3-10 which is appropriate for the 48 contiguous states. February, in some parts of the US, can be a particularly brutal month for severe cold weather.

We say to you faithful gardeners, hang in there! Spring is coming sooner than you thought. Well, according to our groundhog friend Puncxatawny Phil, who did NOT see his shadow, indicating an early Spring for all!

Getting started for February, gardeners in the colder zones, 3 - 4, and even possibly into zone 5 depending on proximity, you'll want to focus in on:

February Garden Tips - Upper Mid-West & New England Regions - Instagram
  • checking to see if your stored bulbs are still healthy
  • purchase and organize seeds according to planting dates
  • purchase new tools needed for next season
  • begin to raise indoor crops beneath lights, after replacing light bulbs if necessary
  • remove snow from branches and prune dead or damaged branches from fruit trees and shrubs

Zones 5, 6 and 7 will get very busy this month with both inside and outside suggestions! Get the gloves on everyone because your gardens have been waiting for some long overdue company this month.

February Garden Tips - Lower Mid-West & Mid-Atlantic Regions
  • Indoors, under lights go ahead and start seeds for lettuce, celery, onions, leeks and early types of tomatoes and herb seeds that you use all the time
  • IF the ground in your area is defrosted enough go ahead and sow some spinach and maybe some radishes as well. Keeping in mind that if you still have cold overnight temps, our beautiful greenhouses will help keep your baby veggies safe and warm.
  • Later this month start some Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage indoors, under lights.
  • sharpen your pruning shears that you will need all season long
  • clean up any debris in your yard that has collected in the last month

Zones 8, 9 and 10 are a bit warmer all year round so your suggestions are more focused outside. My first suggestion would be to get a new pair of good gloves!

February Garden Tips - West Coast & South East Region - Instagram
  • spread some compost around and feed the soil for your trees, lawns, shrubs and all of your raised garden beds
  • in the warmer soil, a bit further into this month, go ahead and plant your potatoes making sure that they are at a depth of 4 inches.
  • prune your trees, vines, shrubs, roses and fruit trees; if you don't have any one of those and wish to add them to your landscape, now is the time to plant them
  • Plant seeds directly in the ground that are a bit hardier according to their packaging, but also be ready to protect them with a covering or portable greenhouse if you experience a late season frost.
  • Weed your raised beds and other planted areas.
  • Add window boxes, arbors and raised beds to your landscape now

Wide ranging chores for our big beautiful country, for new and experienced gardeners alike! Remember to have fun every month in your homes and gardens. Gardening is about loving your home, land and gardens during the easy times as well as the more challenging tasks.

Feeling the pride of something grown by your own two hands and yes, with a lot of help from Mother Nature! This is one of the reasons why us gardeners do what we do. We sure are a dedicated and persistent group of people. Have a great month and I am already looking forward to what we get to do in March!

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