Moonlight Moon Gardens

Moonlight Moon Gardens

Happy Spring Gardeners!  It's that time again when everyone is getting their tools out of storage, planning where to create a new garden or deciding what to add to your already beautifully established gardens.  Before you run off to the store, let me bend your ear for a moment, so to speak, about adding something unexpected to your garden.  Have you ever thought about adding in a night blooming plant?  One that only opens its blossoms at night or those that shimmer and shine in the moonlight.  Plants that can make your garden look like there are hidden jewels only to be appreciated to their fullest extent in the dark in your raised white gardening beds.   These terrific white timber raised beds will reflect even more light into your beautiful shimmering garden!


Night blooming jasmineNight Blooming Jasmine


One such plant is Night Blooming Jasmine.  Have you ever taken a walk at night, maybe after a big meal and as you pass a certain house you suddenly notice the most amazing fragrance?  You think to yourself, "Am I dreaming? That yard must have the most incredible garden to smell like that at night!"  That, my friends, was most likely Night Blooming Jasmine.  When you passed that yard in the moonlight you discovered an amazing treasure.  This particular plant opens up and only shares it's fragrance when the sun is nowhere to be found.  It has many small flowers on the vine and needs a support to grow properly.  It can be trained around fences and trellises.


Another scented night blooming plant that you can incorporate in your Moon Garden is the Moon Flower, which has a light lemony scent.  The white flower is approximately 5-6 inches in diameter when open.  This plant needs a support or a trellis for it to grow properly and can grow up to 8 feet tall.  The big beautiful flower of this plant will reflect the moonlight and you can plant it throughout your garden in a crescent shape, mimicking the shape of the moon.  One very nice advantage to putting this plant in your white timber raised garden bed is that it will reseed in the garden.  You would also be able to share seeds with family and friends!


Dusty Miller, silver sage and silver thyme are a few of the plants that you can add to your moon garden for their ability to reflect the moon's light and cause your Moon Garden to shimmer.   Daytime blooming variegated plants can also give this effect to your garden.




Imagine these sights and scents filling your backyard and floating into your home through open windows all spring and summer long.  This, my gardener friends, is a treasure that you can literally bury, by way of planting of course, in your own backyard!  Dinner parties, family gatherings and intimate dinners for two, all fragranced by a plant that you added this spring.  Create a relaxing atmosphere while building a lifetime of wonderful memories in your garden, one summer at a time!


One note of warning about Moon Flower. It's seeds, flowers and foliage are poisonous. If you have small children who like to put things in their mouths or pets that chew up plants in your garden, you may want to avoid this one.

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